Tomodachi 2018

When I moved from Los Angeles to Tokyo, I thought that I would only see my friends online. Thankfully I was so very wrong because I had the great pleasure to play tour guide, spa and dine with friends and family in my new home. I feel fortunate to know these incredible humans and for… Continue reading Tomodachi 2018

A Decade of Hairstyles

Recently I posted a photo of me from this year compared to 10 years ago. A friend from elementary school commented that I still had the same hair. I was amused by this comment because I have changed my hair many times over the years, sometimes multiple times in one year. “Pics or it didn’t… Continue reading A Decade of Hairstyles

Tokyo Women’s Collective

Photographed by Ann Rosener. 1944

Since I moved to Tokyo I transitioned from working alongside talented women every day to meeting women who “used to” work but had to give up their job when they moved here. I’ve also met women who work from home (like me) or are trying to start a blog or an etsy shop or [fill… Continue reading Tokyo Women’s Collective

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A Typical Day Living in Tokyo

In the morning we walk or bike through our neighborhood west of Yoyogi Park in Shibuya, Tokyo, to our son’s bus stop. Along the way we pass more people walking and biking than cars. School children dressed in uniforms are walking by themselves or with friends to school, their backpacks covered in bright safety stickers.… Continue reading A Typical Day Living in Tokyo