Discover Your Natural Advantage in the Forest

With a profound dedication to the rights of nature and human health enhancement, my career bridges technology, education, and nature-based wellness. Through my Ph.D. research at the University of British Columbia, I apply a global perspective to develop nature-based wellness experiences, upholding environmental stewardship and fostering well-being. My experience spans Canada, the U.S., and Japan, where I’ve established nonprofits and tech startups and contributed to major software companies and academic institutions.

My expertise lies in curating personalized wellness experiences that are scientifically validated and rooted in forest therapy, acoustic ecology, and salutogenesis principles. I offer a comprehensive suite of services, including physical and digital nature immersion experiences, all supported by empirical research. Transitioning from a tech entrepreneur grappling with burnout to a certified guide in nature and forest therapy and dedicated to ongoing forest and human health research, I am dedicated to supporting ecosystems through non-invasive nature connectedness activities that benefit individuals and organizations.


With a decade of experience in the tech industry and as a certified Earth Charter Educator and GLOBE Teacher, I’ve co-founded several organizations such as KitHub, Los Angeles Makerspace, and Connected Camps. Now, as a Ph.D. candidate at the University of British Columbia’s Faculty of Forestry, I’m researching the link between forest-based interventions, environmental factors, and health outcomes. My diverse background and unique journey equip me to guide you on your wellness journey.

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I offer a variety of services, including designing nature-based wellness spaces, creating bespoke wellness experiences, and guiding forest immersion sessions. Whether you’re looking for a personalized wellness program, an immersive forest experience, or a unique wellness space design for your organization, I can provide a solution tailored to your needs.


My style is inspired by ‘soft fascination,’ a concept that refers to nature’s restorative and calming effects. I aim to bring this peaceful, immersive experience to all my designs and sessions.