Tara Tiger Brown

Tara Tiger Brown

Graduate student at UBC Faculty of Forestry, technologist, educator, and author developing programs at the intersection of environment, education, and well-being. Certified Earth Charter Educator, GLOBE Teacher, and Forest Medicine Educator. CEO of KitHub and the Interest Driven Life project and former Co-Founder of LA Makerspace and Connected Camps.


Educational, Environmental, Mindful

More Trees Please

A monthly newsletter for tree lovers focused on finding our well-being amongst the trees and re-connecting with the natural world.

Interest Driven Life

What if your interests were the driving factor in your life? What would that look like? Let's find out.

Interest Driven Life - Cat Pile


Gain skills and knowledge in STEAM subjects and understand environmental issues with KitHub's hands-on programs.



Educational, Practical, Relevant

Noise Pollution: How To Measure Its Effects On Your Health

Practical guide that explains how to measure noise and learn how it's affecting your health. Continue reading

Forest Medicine: The Science Behind How I Manage Wellbeing

Research focused article on preventative measures against lifestyle-related diseases. Continue reading

Full STEAM: Build Subjects And Skills

I wrote for The Canadian magazine about how International schools in Tokyo teach STEAM subjects. Continue reading

No One Is Born Racist

I'm A Meme

A photo of me, my son and a stranger taken on the Paris Metro is a meme called "no one is born racist." After 9 years I asked the Internet to help me find the man. It took two days. Read our story 

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Interest Driven Life

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