Tara Tiger Brown

Graduate student at UBC Faculty of Forestry, technologist, educator, and author developing programs at the intersection of environment, education, and well-being. Certified Earth Charter Educator, GLOBE Teacher, and Forest Medicine Educator. CEO of KitHub and the Interest Driven Life project and former Co-Founder of LA Makerspace and Connected Camps.


Educational, Environmental, Mindful

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Interest Driven Life

What if your interests were the driving factor in your life? What would that look like? Let’s find out.


Gain skills and knowledge in STEAM subjects and understand environmental issues with KitHub‘s hands-on programs.


Educational, Practical, Relevant

Noise Pollution: How To Measure Its Effects On Your Health

Practical guide that explains how to measure noise and learn how it’s affecting your health. Continue reading

Forest Medicine: The Science Behind How I Manage Wellbeing

Research focused article on preventative measures against lifestyle-related diseases. Continue reading

Full STEAM: Build Subjects And Skills

I wrote for The Canadian magazine about how International schools in Tokyo teach STEAM subjects. Continue reading

No One Is Born Racist

I’m A Meme

A photo of me, my son and a stranger taken on the Paris Metro is a meme called “no one is born racist.” After 9 years I asked the Internet to help me find the man. It took two days. Read our story