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I am a Ph.D. candidate in forestry with a background in technology. I specialize in designing personalized wellness experiences grounded in evidence-based forest immersions, natural soundscape preservation, and principles of salutogenesis. My services extend to real and digital experiences backed by rigorous scientific research. Having transitioned from a burnt-out tech startup founder to a certified forest immersion guide, my mission is to bring nature’s healing and revitalizing power to individuals and groups.


With a decade of experience in the tech industry and as a certified Earth Charter Educator and GLOBE Teacher, I’ve co-founded several organizations such as KitHub, Los Angeles Makerspace, and Connected Camps. Now, as a Ph.D. candidate at the University of British Columbia’s Faculty of Forestry, I’m researching the link between forest-based interventions, environmental factors, and health outcomes. My diverse background and unique journey equip me to guide you on your wellness journey.

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I offer a variety of services, including designing nature-based wellness spaces, creating bespoke wellness experiences, and guiding forest immersion sessions. Whether you’re looking for a personalized wellness program, an immersive forest experience, or a unique wellness space design for your organization, I can provide a solution tailored to your needs.


My style is inspired by ‘soft fascination,’ a concept that refers to nature’s restorative and calming effects. I aim to bring this peaceful, immersive experience to all my designs and sessions.

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Tara Tiger Brown in Hida Forests