About Tara Tiger Brown

I am dedicated to creating positive change by integrating technology, environmental science, and wellness through relational engagement. My work aims to foster deeper connections between individuals and nature, enriching lives with the benefits of forest-based interventions and a renewed awareness of our natural surroundings.

I’m a PhD candidate at the UBC Faculty of Forestry, based in Vancouver. I am exploring how forest therapy and wellness can enhance well-being. I aim to encourage a stronger bond with nature through immersive experiences in the forest. I also work with organizations dedicated to environmental monitoring to help safeguard our planet’s ecosystems and threatened species.

Outside my research, I’m passionate about hands-on learning and environmental education. As the founder and CEO of KitHub, I developed STEAM education programs to encourage hands-on learning and peer collaboration. I also co-founded the Los Angeles Makerspace and Connected Camps, two organizations dedicated to fostering a love of learning and creativity in kids and adults alike, supported through work I did as a Technology Director for the Digital Media Learning Research Hub at University of California Irvine.

As a regular contributor to Forbes and a speaker at events from the White House to SXSW, I’ve shared my perspectives and experiences with audiences worldwide. In my newsletter, “More Trees Please,” I discuss how science, technology, politics, art, and therapy intersect within our forest environments. My Interest Driven Life project encourages people to follow their passions, discover themselves, and enjoy fulfilling lives. With another project, Shelves, we’re exploring web3 and blockchain to create new ways of storytelling.

Personal Mission

  1. Enhance well-being through personalized forest immersion experiences that foster deep connections with nature
  2. Advocate for the rights of the more-than-human world.
  3. Integrate technology to enrich our understanding and engagement with the environment. 
  4. Model an interest-driven life and encourage people of all ages to explore their passions and embrace self-discovery.


Expertise in mixed methods research, project management, survey design, data analysis, and strong presentation and reporting skills. Contact for details.

Forest Therapy Sessions

Two-hour bespoke virtual and in-person forest therapy session. Ideal for couples, groups, schools and events. Schedule session.

Speaking Engagements

Experienced keynote speaker, moderator, and panel participant. Topics include forest-based immersion practices, environmental monitoring, hands-on learning, community science, and community-based nonprofit and educational startups.

Some of my speaking engagements include: Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, Archer School for Girls, The White House, Caltech, SXSW, OSCON, MozFest, IFFF, Imagination Foundation. Contact for rates.

I’m a Meme!

In 2010, my husband took a photo of me and my son on the Paris Metro. Little did we know, that chance moment would turn into a viral meme and spark a journey to find the stranger in the photo. Thanks to the power of the internet, we were able to locate the man in just two days. Our experience is a poignant reminder of the connections we share as human beings. Read our story.