Pacific Spirit Park Society

The day before the forest bathing session was beautiful. The sun was shining and the birds were celebrating Spring with their chorus.

The day of the walk, the rain started. I packed some extra ponchos as I headed out the door. When I arrived on site, only one participant was there and so I was a bit worried that we would have to cancel. As the clock struck 10am, 15 participants had arrived along with heavier rain mixed with hail.

As I introduced forest bathing and my co-guide, Glee, the rain continued. This is Vancouver and participants were wearing rain coats and some had on rain pants. We would carry on with the session.

The boardwalk was slippery and I had to make the call the go up the stairs to gravel trails the cover of conifers.

During the Pleasures of Presence, there was a bit of reprieve so everyone had a chance to settle into the space.

Soon after the hail came in full force.

Some participants chose to leave because it was cold and they couldn’t feel their hands and feet. I totally understood.

“We don’t usually go outside in this kind of weather!”

-Cold participants

Others were bravely sticking with it despite being thoroughly soaked. We made the call to head for the tent and enjoy hot tea and cookies.

When it comes to forest immersion, you’re always adjusting and letting the forest and cold feet guide you. It’s a reminder how quickly weather can change in a temperate forest and to wear layers!

Client: Pacific Spirit Park Society

Location: Pacific Spirit Regional Park, Camosun Bog

Service: Forest Therapy

Date: April 2, 2023