I wrote a post on Forbes, “Why Los Angeles Will Outpace Silicon Valley As The Tech Startup Capital” and then I did a talk about it at the Farmhouse Conference, “Mapping the LA Tech Scene” and then I did something about it at Represent.LA. My passionate collaborators on the project are Alex Benzer, founder of Social Engine and Sean Bonner, Director of Safecast.

It’s a passion project for all of us; we love LA, we live and breathe technology and we want to see our city thrive.

Anyone can submit their LA County based tech startup, accelerator, incubator, VC, angel or co-working space to the map and we’ll approve it if it meets the criteria.

The map is open-sourced and the code is available on Github, other cities are already using it. A bunch actually. Checkout

09/06/2013 – Recent article in which we got a mention! Is Silicon Beach Over-Hyped?