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  • SparkFun Hackers-In-Residence: The Finale

    SparkFun Hackers-In-Residence: The Finale

    After two fantastic weeks hacking away at SparkFun Electronics, our time has come to an end. It was hard to say goodbye to the Mother of Hacker supplies, but our dog, plants, jobs and friends back in LA were feeling neglected. When we first showed up at SparkFun and had the pleasure of meeting the […]

  • Parrot Drone Power Tethered

    Parrot Drone Power Tethered

    We wanted to get the Parror AR Drone to fly with a power tether so we can exponentially increase the time in the air that we get out of the battery (15 mins). Here you go! 10 ft of 18 gauge wire We’ll keep working towards our goal of 30 ft.