Maker Faire 2012

Maker Faire 2012 was everything that I hoped it would be. The creativity and enthusiasm was infectious. I wanted to see and try everything but I would have needed weeks to do that.

I covered some of my favorite things during my interview with Super Awesome Sylvia and Joey Hudy, two of my favorite young makers.

The Take Apart tent was a ton of fun. Kids were everywhere taking computers and who knows what apart.


Some were making some new creations out of the chaos using soldering irons and hot glue guns.


I spent some time at the Exploratorium Tinkering Station making a Mobile Headband. I’m not sure I’m going to wear it outside of Maker Faire…


S~q~u~i~s~h~Y Circuits!! Weeeeee


Not just an apple II, an apple II signed by WOZ


Over at Lynne Bruning’s eTextiles Lounge we learned how to sew and light up an LED using conductive thread and a watch battery.


Here’s my pal Bunnie getting his pic taken of his head. I’m eagerly awaiting a 3D Model of my head from AutoDesk. Guess what you’re getting for Christmas!


There were SO MANY 3D printers. These colorful 3D printers are very attractive, but the $50 cartridges are kind of a turn-off.


GameDesk helped 13 year old Jasper fly like an Albatross (he said it has been his dream since he was very young 😀 ).


A Laser Cutter for $3k? Whoa.


Here’s the Little Bits tent. My son Ripley has recently been introduced to them and I’m excited to see him build stuff!


I’ve been eyeing the MaKey MaKey Kickstarter campaign. Out of nowhere Josh from the Rockwell Group gave me a free kit. WIN!


Thanks to old friends and new for such an awesome time!