LAdy Tacos Being Consumed By DIYGirls

Late last year I met up with a few ladies and we chatted about forming a ladies only group to work on tech-related projects together.  We created a group on called LAdy Tacos, a “Sausage Free Zone.”

LA is a big place and it can be really hard to find others that work in the tech industry, interested in learning how to code or hack on some hardware. It’s especially hard to find other women who are into tech.

LAdy Tacos is for women in LA interested in and/or working in technology to get-together to hack on software and hardware, mentor each other and help increase the number of women in tech.

You need to be a woman, interested in tech and have a sense of humor.

Since then we’ve expanded the group and learned about:

  • Arduino
  • Soldering
  • iOS apps
  • Twilio APIs
  • Twitter APIs
  • eTextiles
  • Mozilla Open Badges

Around the same time that this group was created, my friend Luz Rivas started DIYGirls. They’ve been meeting to learn about everything from woodworking, to blacksmithing to programming.

Aside from the name of Luz’s group being a little more, shall we say, easier to share publicly, it sounds more welcoming to females of all ages. My main focus right now is on Teach Me Stuff as part of the Connected Learning work I’m doing at UC Irvine and LA Makerspace, so although I’m a bit sad to do it, it just makes awesome sense to merge LAdy Tacos with DIYGirls and help Luz with organizing events. doesn’t have a way to merge two groups, so I’m going to ask LAdy Tacos members to join DIYGirls.

Thanks to everyone who brought their sense of humor to our LAdy Tacos events. See you in DIYGirls!



p.s. LAdy Tacos Forever!