The short version: I’ve been in software development since the dawn of time and have served in many different capacities. My strengths are in strategy, product development, team development/management, community building and partner engagement. I’m very passionately about conservation – environment and wildlife – and I’m currently exploring ways in which I can combine my passion with my expertise in technology.

The long version: I have served as an entrepreneur, technical director, lead product manager, and opinion writer for numerous institutions and companies including MacArthur Foundation’s Connected Learning Cooperative, Born This Way Foundation, Annenberg Innovation Lab at University of Southern California, Shazam, Topspin Media, and Microsoft Corporation.

Currently I am the Technology Director at the Connected Learning Alliance leading the development of a new youth interest-driven platform – Pursuitery. I am also the Technology Director at the CLA’s sister organization, UC Irvine Digital Media Learning Research Hub, responsible for leveraging new technologies to form robust online communities around the Hub’s research and initiatives.

My passion for ensuring that kids have the opportunity to gain technology-related skills led me to start the LA Makerspace, a family friendly DIY space in Los Angeles.

I am a strong supporter of my community and as an entrepreneur, I felt compelled to showcase the Los Angeles tech startup community, so I co-created the globally recognized site, Represent.LA.

As a Forbes Woman contributor I highlight the importance of women in technology.

I have been an Artist-in-Residence at MuseumsQuartier in Vienna, Austria and a Hacker-in-Residence at Sparkfun in Boulder, CO.

My speaking engagements include LA Tech Summit, DIY Days, Caltech Entrepreneurs Forum, CASH Music Summit, Silicon Beach Fest, Imagination Foundation Educator Salon, Rhizome, init(together), General Assembly, SXSW, OSCON, Mozilla Fest, Fun Conf, Farmhouse Conf 2/3/4, BUFF Film Festival, Hollywood 3.0 Forum, Transmedia Hollywood 3, BarCampLA, BarCampSeattle.

In case you prefer bullet points:

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