In November 2014 I co-founded KitHub, with Luz Rivas.

At KitHub, we whole-heartedly believe that anyone can design and build using electronics, but may be limited by a lack of access and mentorship. KitHub empowers kids and adults to dive into hands-on and creative STEM activities and environmental monitoring projects in the classroom and at home by using kits designed by engineers and created for everyone.


2 thoughts on “KitHub

  1. Diogo

    Hello Tara,
    How are you?

    My name is Diogo, i’m from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and I’m Designer.
    I could only contact you here, so if this is not the channel for it sorry. And sorry my English by Google Translator. hehehehe

    I wonder and ask for their permission to use the here in Rio de Janeiro, but I was wondering if I can change the layout.

    That’s the layout I want to use:



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