That Time I Was A Meme

I wrote this post on Medium. “Is this you?” “Hey, I think this is you.” “OMG, I think you are a meme!!!” Over the past week I’ve received dozens of pings from friends sending me links to a photo with the tagline “No one is born racist” and asking if it’s me. It is, and …


31 Days To Feeling Physically And Emotionally Lighter

I wrote this article on my Forbes Blog. Like most of you, I have attempted to participate in all sorts of 21 day, 3 month, 8 week-long programs in order to lose my muffin top, build muscles, increase memory, detox…you name it. I have never completed a single challenge. I get about half way through …


SparkFun Hackers-In-Residence: The Finale

After two fantastic weeks hacking away at SparkFun Electronics, our time has come to an end. It was hard to say goodbye to the Mother of Hacker supplies, but our dog, plants, jobs and friends back in LA were feeling neglected. When we first showed up at SparkFun and had the pleasure of meeting the …


Parrot Drone Power Tethered

We wanted to get the Parror AR Drone to fly with a power tether so we can exponentially increase the time in the air that we get out of the battery (15 mins). Here you go! 10 ft of 18 gauge wire We’ll keep working towards our goal of 30 ft.

Tara and Sean at Sparkfun

SparkFun Hackers-in-Residence Part 1

Sean Bonner and I are currently in Boulder, CO at SparkFun. This is the first post that goes over the prototype that we’re working on. PROTOTYPE PROPOSAL We’ve been thinking about personal drones and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) a lot recently. Both in the context of how these devices could be useful around a house …

Photo by Joi Ito

2013: Here’s To Making Things And Friends

It’s New Years Eve and a popular day for reflection. 2012 was a really big year for me personally. I call it My Year of Fitting In. As many transplants to LA can attest, it can take a little while to figure out where you fit in, but once you do, it’s like you finally …

LA Mart Chair

Got: Kid Friendly Hackerspace in Los Angeles

This update is a huge deal to me…I hope you’ll read on.   If you’ve been paying attention to any of my updates for the past several months, then you may have read my post from May 3rd “Want: Kid Friendly Hackerspace in LA” and you may have paid attention to what the response was. If you …


LAdy Tacos Being Consumed By DIYGirls

Late last year I met up with a few ladies and we chatted about forming a ladies only group to work on tech-related projects together.  We created a group on called LAdy Tacos, a “Sausage Free Zone.” LA is a big place and it can be really hard to find others that work in …

Bunnie and Tara

Maker Faire 2012

Maker Faire 2012 was everything that I hoped it would be. The creativity and enthusiasm was infectious. I wanted to see and try everything but I would have needed weeks to do that. I covered some of my favorite things during my interview with Super Awesome Sylvia and Joey Hudy, two of my favorite young …