Tara Tiger Brown. Photo by Sean Bonner

I have served as an entrepreneur, executive director, technical director and product / program manager for non-profit and for profit organizations including MacArthur Foundation funded Connected Learning Alliance (CLA), Annenberg Innovation Lab at University of Southern California, Born This Way Foundation, Shazam, Topspin Media (acquired by Beats Music) and Microsoft.

My strengths are in strategy, product development, team development/management, community building and partner engagement. I’m very passionate about conservation and STEM education and I’m currently exploring ways in which I can combine my passions with my expertise in technology.

In November 2014 I co-founded KitHub, creative electronics for young innovators. KitHub empowers students, parents, and teachers to discover fun and stimulating ways to delve into activities that spark curiosity and promote creating, experimenting and designing so kids can build 21st century literacy and skills.

My passion for ensuring that kids have the opportunity to gain technology-related skills led me to found the non-profit, LA Makerspace (LAM), a family friendly DIY space in Los Angeles, where as I serve as Board President. LAM is the primary STEAM service provider for LA Public Library, the largest publicly funded library in the world.

I serve as Director of Technology at UC Irvine Digital Media Research Hub and from that work emerged Connected Camps, a virtual camp experience for kids to learn how to develop online social skills and level up their abilities in program such as Minecraft.

I am a strong supporter of my community and as an entrepreneur, I felt compelled to showcase the Los Angeles tech startup community and co-created the globally recognized site, Represent.LA that is open sourced and re-used by cities around the world.

I have been an Artist-in-Residence at MuseumsQuartier in Vienna, Austria and a Hacker-in-Residence at Sparkfun in Boulder, CO.

My speaking engagements include LA Tech Summit, Caltech Entrepreneurs Forum, SXSW, OSCON, Mozilla Fest, IFFF Digital Literacy: Imagining the Future, CASH Music Summit, Silicon Beach Fest, Imagination Foundation Educator Salon, Rhizome, init(together), General Assembly, DIY Days, Fun Conf, Farmhouse Conf 2/3/4, BUFF Film Festival, Hollywood 3.0 Forum, Transmedia Hollywood 3, BarCampLA, BarCampSeattle.

Here’s the bullet summary:

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2015: White House Nation of Makers Meeting

2015: White House Nation of Makers Meeting


Building a KitHub Underwater Microphone (Hydrophone)

Building a KitHub Underwater Microphone (Hydrophone)



Creative Mornings Talk: On Being the Meme: No One Is Born Racist


LA Makerspace

At the LA Makerspace



YouTube Space LA: Reading Rainbow x Battlestar Galactica


Tara and Sean at Sparkfun

Me and Sean Bonner at SparkFun